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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

Posts 780 and 781 have 's I don't understand. Not sure if had anything to do with Xena.

I thought Janeway's potential for a relationship with Chakotay was very well established, as in well past dubious subtext level. She just made a decision not to pursue it for all kinds of (most likely noble) reasons. I also think the subtext of possibility with 7 is clearly there in some episodes, another relationship not pursued. It happens all the time, you work with someone who you get along with, have an attraction to that is perhaps markedly different than what attracted you to your current partner, and you are aware that in another time, another place, you may have pursued a relationship with that person. It's not even a temptation, just a possibility that this time and place doesn't allow.

I know many discount the 7 possibility because of J's maternal feelings but I was thinking about this the other night and it hit me that many women end up attracted to a man they see as needy or broken or vulnerable, part of the attraction is being able to comfort and/or fix them. Sometimes it is utterly dysfunctional, sometimes just a dynamic in that relationship and works out fine. I don't see the 7 dynamic as any different.

Anyway this was all to say that yes, VOY didn't give J much of anything romance wise but I think the potential (C) and the possibility (7) that was present was quite established. Certain more than other ships such as Archer/T'Pol.

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