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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

YES!! Wow that's gorgeous work!! Without a doubt the finest fan effects I have seen in a Trek production!! Bailey is my hero (among the grumpy button pushing effects artists sect)!!! (Exclamation point exclamation point)
Which begs the question if this is cutting room floor stuff howz bout a Director's superlong version when it's finally finished?? I want to see every second of Exeter goodness.

Also as we are approaching the 4th (it'll be here before you know it)
Will Exeter ever return to the Omega Glory Planet to check on the Yangs and Alan Commes? (I'd love to do a comic book version of it if anyone is interested)

And finally, Did the Exeter crew keep the mineralized salty remains of the original Exeter crew in little D&D dice pouches as souveniers?
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