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Re: Analyzing Movies' Three-Act Structures

Something that may help a bit is if you think in terms of "shot", "scene" and "sequence" with each of the smaller elements making up the larger ones. Naturally, I don't recommend trying to analyze movies this why while you're munching your popcorn at the multiplex, however your DVD is a wonderful tool for educating yourself about how movies are made. Just about any DVD will give you the ability to select individual scenes, so you can look at each of those and figure out fairly easily where each one begins and ends. Also I highly recommend listening to the director's commentary tracks. One in particular that I like is the director's commentary for "The Mask". They don't necessarily talk directly about "shot" "scene" "sequence" "act", however they can give valuable insight insight into how various elements of the movie are constructed. The book is a great place to start while using the DVD as a teaching tool will be a great way to give context to what the book is saying.
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