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Re: Beyond the Farthest Star vs. Once Upon A Planet

No contest whatsoever. I love "Beyond The Farthest Star." It's a genuine final frontier type story going where no man has gone before.

I would have loved to see this live-action, and that's one of my favourite praises for one of my favourite TAS episodes. That said TOS would have been very challenged to do anything remotely like this in the '60s. For me this is one of those ideal stories for Star Trek and something I'd like to have seen done on the big screen. I'm really tired of the "bigger explosions, bigger action" and elevation of dumbness that's become so prominent in film, and yes that certainly includes ST09 as well as other Trek films and so many other sci-fi movies.

I love to imagine seeing that enormous alien starship, regrettably wrecked, found orbiting that negative star mass and having it explored by the Enterprise crew. This really utilized the advantages of animation.

This was actually the very first TAS episode I had seen, and back then I remember thinking "Whoa!" if this is what TAS is going to be like it will be amazing!

"Once Upon A Planet" is also a good story, but if feels too much like "The Doomsday Machine" crossed with Fantastic Voyage.
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