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Re: Breaking In - New FOX Comedy - Christian Slater, Bret Harrison

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Dutch isn't nearly a big enough douchebag to deserve being dumped just because he's bashful about admitting to his judgmental, nasty girlfriend that he lost his job. Yet Cam is drooling after her, after witnessing how badly she treats her current bf? Do these guys have no bad-girlfriend Spidey sense at all?

Dutch not being a douchebag also raises questions about what Cam thinks he's doing. He's supposed to be the lead character and we're supposed to sympathize with him, but chasing another guy's girlfriend is kosher only if she's nice and he's a douchebag. Yet here we have a situation that is closer to being the reverse.

i wonder if you're biased because of TrekBBS threads ongoing joke of Clark being a d-bag, so the others are automatically not on Smallville, and that resonates in other roles (also factoring in Rosenbaum being a great, if not best, Lex Luthor)
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