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Thanks, guys! Been having a lot of fun with it

Yeah, I know I should be running a different texture pack, but I don't really know if my computer would be up to the task, If I end up with a higher resolution one. What would you recommend?
Unless your machine is already struggling with default game, or if you try to run an uber-HD texture, like 128x or 256x, it shouldn't effect performance. I'm using a 32x pack myself and things run just fine.

Things are a bit wierd with texture packs right now. Before 1.5 there was a program that would install them for you. Now its easier to just use WinRAR (available at most free program download sites) and replace files manually.

You'll also need this program to mod the game so it'll accept HD textures.

I'm kinda fond of DokuCraft myself.

I've thought about a skylight, but I wasn't sure how to incorporate it within multiple floors, but I do have an idea. I think I'll take the middle of the floor and either make it an open space or a glass floor. I'll have to experiment and see what works best.
Nothing wrong with glass floors. I use them all the time when I do muliple floors. Just dig out a 2 x 2 or 3 x 3 section one above the other on every floor.
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