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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind comments.

MadMan1701A that would be fine with me, when the model is complete I'll take ortho pictures.

To someone that asked the design process, I just drew a quick sketch, but for the most part I'm making it up as I go with no plans, haha.

To answer the questions of what it's made of. It's sheet styrene over a plexiglass frame.
I'm blown away that you're using a plexi-glass frame. I've seen that used on a Star Wars model. The Correllian Diplomatic Transport model. It's not the easiest stuff to work with (I've had experience with museum displays).

You've got a lot of small duplicate pieces. How are you replicating the cuts so precisely? And what tools are you using?

I'm really digging this model. It's not just the overall design that's pleasing to look at, but it's how clean the lines are- very professional.

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