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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Source Code - theater
Rio - free screenin'
The Fighter - DVD rental
Invictus - Cinemax
Scream 4 - theater
Fast Five - midnight screenin'

When I went to see Scream 4 (which isn't at the local theater anymore, thanks to Prom - WTF?!?), I found out about the midnight screenin' for Fast Five. Turns out there will be a midnight screenin' of each big release this summer.


Anyway, the movie was actually pretty good. As with Fast & Furious, characters from other parts of the franchise turn up in Rio to help Dom & Brian. And the Rock is bad ass as the federal agent sent to get 'em after DEA agents get murdered.

Yes, its still set before Tokyo Drift, which, to me, is the worst of the franchise. And Han's fate is still postponed in the end...go figure.

And if ya stick around a bit into the credits, there's a bonus set up scene for the next movie, which I think should be called Furiousix!
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