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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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TRUTH... JUSTICE... All that stuff.

Still remember how many Americans were so totally upset about Superman Returns because of this.

I'm not even American and I thought it was pretty lame how they glossed over the line like that, apparently to make Superman sound more "international". I know, it doesn't really matter since he's an alien so he doesn't technically belong to any earth nationality, but I like the idea of him being represented as an American hero.

I thought it was pretty cool how he flew to the White House at the end of "Superman II" to put back the flag Zod and co. had knocked down and promise the U.S. President "I won't let you down again".

Maybe some people think patriotism in movies is lame these days (possibly because America pushed it so hard after 9/11), but I think it's a good thing for superhero movies. Unlike others, I didn't mind all the pro New York stuff in the Spider-Man movies.
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