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Re: Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition Extras...

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potablog, this is just wonderful. I taped the Shatner run, then in a fit of temporary insanity, taped over them all. I guess I thought SciFi would always be a bastion for classic sci-fi TV, and uncut TOS (plus intros) would be its flagship. Dopey me. Now I wish I had all the celebrity intros for the classic SF shows SciFi ran back when it was a classier outfit.

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I have located these recordings from about a decade ago and have encoded the first 5 episodes of the Nimoy run so far. "The Man Trap" "Charlie X" "Where No Man Has Gone Before" "The Naked Time" and "The Enemy Within" are posted. I plan on uploading 2-3 every week in the original airdate order. Enjoy and feel free to share the videos on blogs or websites.
Outstanding! I never saw the Nimoy intros.

Talk about lost treasures! Thank you both so much.
My pleasure hope to add more once I install my VCR to DVD burner. My original VCR that I used to extract the clips is now a bucket of bolts. Thanks potablog for your consistent postings in the meantime!
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