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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

50. GoodFellas (A)
51. Spartacus (A+)
52. The Deer Hunter (B+)
53. Reservoir Dogs (A)
54. A Clockwork Orange (A)

Another Blu-Ray I picked up as part of a really good three-pack (with Dog Day Afternoon and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest).

As opposed to the earlier-reviewed Spartacus, Kubrick's clearly working his own distinct style here. Sterility is the order of the day (weirdly paired with a lot of oversexed background decor). Quite a good movie, with Kubrick's expectedly cynical twist on the morality tale: spending a bunch of time victimizing Alex to make the audience feel sympathy for him, only to remind us at the end that he doesn't actually deserve it. Malcolm McDowell is excellent in the title role, which is really his only significant one before he started playing the villain in every Hollywood B-movie (in fact, I suspect he's dropped below B-movie at this point). A largely wasted talent. Patrick Magee as the writer is really the only flaw; his performance goes insanely over the top in the final quarter.
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