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Re: THOR: Grading, Discussion, Review **SPOILERS***

Ethros wrote: View Post
Who's the little drive by troll who gave it an F then?
Come on, fess up
It's things like this that made me almost make the votes publically viewable.

If you really saw it and think it's an 'F' have the conviction to list your reasons. Otherwise it's an apparent drive by from someone who didn't see the film.

I still have 7 days till I can see this. That is unless my LCS gets some more passes. Their vendor gave him 5 passes for the whole store and he's asked for more. The local sneak is next Tuesday. I've had to skip over the longer reviews and thanks for those that started with *Spoiler coming* I skipped those for now also.

Glad to hear it's getting good reception!!
Also cool that you posted your grade in your post cause I can't view the results yet.
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