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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Source Code - theater
Rio - free screenin'
The Fighter - DVD rental
Invictus - Cinemax
Scream 4 - theater

Flippin' channels yesterday, found Invictus about ten minutes into the movie. Had only seen the trailers before, don't know anything about rugby & very little about South African politics.

After watchin' it, I still don't know anything about rugby & very little about South African politics.

Seems to be that it was tryin' to be both a feel good sports movie and a historical look at a leader, and kind of fails at both.

On the plus side, at least it Morgan Freeman didn't narrate it...

Went out to the theater last night for Scream 4. I missed the first one in theaters, on purpose, but caught the second & third on the big screen. Even owned the trilogy on DVD for awhile.

I didn't care for the fourth one that much. When the best bit of your movie is in the first ten minutes (the Kristen Bell/Anna Paquin cameo), ya should know your movie has problems.

Also, the endin' took fuckin' forever...and it still didn't end after that.

May be goin' to a midnight screenin' of Fast Five tonight...

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53. Reservoir Dogs (A)
My favorite Tarantino movie!

A couple of years ago, I got to meet Tim Roth when he was signin' autographs at a preview screenin' of The Incredible Hulk and got him to write a Reservoir Dogs quote on my miniposter.
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