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^The lava isn't a problem because I stuck a portal at the Fort Binky terminus, which links to the nether literally right next to a lava lake, so it's just a matter of buckets and walking back and forth. I stripped two whole beaches bare getting all the sand for the glass though, but tunnelling though that mountain provided all the dirt needed to fill it all in again, plus plenty of coal and iron so with the addition of a cobblestone generator, it's more or less paid for itself. If you look at this map (taken earlier than the screen shots as you can see the highway had only just made it out of the mountain at that point) you can see that a large portion of it went underground.

Wood is the only tricky bit, but luckily my last project was building a 50x50 monster spawner under the ocean to the east (the excavation of which supplied the iron and diamonds to get me started), so I have a plentiful supply of bone meal to get those saplings growing nice and fast. It's just very laborious. I've actually taken to listening to audiobooks while working so I don't go to bed with the sound of placing blocks ringing in my ears.
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