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Well it snowed for the first time on my world for the first time and it appears as if Fort Binky is now in a snow biome...mostly. When it happened the first time I was out past the farm enclosure working on the transit station for the great western highway, so when I got back to the keep, I found the snow ended right smack in the middle of the courtyard so only half the area was covered in snow! Luckily when it snowed a second time I was closer and made my way to the front gate and now it's all even. For a minute there I thought it might be stuck looking that stupid!

Oh and it seems the new biome has brought wolf spawning to the keep too as I went outside to find the grass strewn with blocks of wool and turned just in time to see two wolves pounce on a hapless sheep....and land right smack into my spider proof lava wall. Though I managed to save one with a bone I had handy and he now sits in the keep. I only take him out to help me clear out the mobs in the mornings.

I'm actually a bit worried about the lightning since two of my houses are mostly wood and have wooden stairs for a roof so a fire would be devastating. I think the ability to craft a lightning rod would be a great idea and it could even be put so some use...say like (off the top of my head) converting redstone to something new (like the way a furnace works) say...bluestone? Works the same as redstone but can carry a charge over a longer distance?

P.S. Since I only just discovered how to take screenshots, here's some progress on my great western highway.

Needless to say I'm starting to run low on iron!
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