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Well, been playing on Robert's server lately and this is the progress I've been making:

I've also got my own personal natural waterfall:

All I did was add a scenic lookout:

Did a little research into lightning today, and I'm seriously wondering and considering if I should use Cutter's half block trick, because wood can catch fire and burn due to lightning.

Lightning is a lethal element to the storm. It strikes randomly across the map, creating brief fires. While most are put out almost immediately by the rain, it will once in awhile ignite wood and other flammable blocks successfully.

  • Thunderstorms are much darker than normal rain, at light level 7 or less. This is dark enough to spawn hostile mobs.[1]
  • Lightning creates fire where it strikes, but the rain usually puts the fire out before it can spread.
  • If Lightning strikes a pig, it morphs into a zombie pigman.[2]
  • If lightning strikes a creeper, it becomes supercharged and has a much more powerful explosion.[3]
  • Being struck by lightning or standing near a lightning strike deals 5 hearts of damage, not including damage from the fire.
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