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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...


Well I guess I just can't respect your opinion that it's the "strongest brother relationship ever on tv".
First I said of the shows I have watched, certainly in 45 years I haven't watched every show to ever be broadcast.

But I haven't seen another show that has its two siblings so tied to each other. That would almost due anything and everything for the other. (Sorry being vague because no spoilers).

Now notice I said strongest relationship, notice I didn't say balanced or well adjusted, because they aren't not even close. Its a truly messed up, co dependent relationship but its an exceptionally strong one.

"No one has experienced anything as difficult as them"... well that's a good reason they should be focusing on other things than angst.
Okay do you really watch the show, the characters frequently use humor, drinking, sex and music to avoid the "angst".

And it seems real brothers would either quit constantly talking about it
Again, do you watch the show. How often do these two really talk about their feelings? It isn't often, not at all. The majority of the time they brush each other off. They have used again humor, women, drinking, physical violence, ect all to avoid having in depth conversations.

or they would move their separate ways and not continue to be in each others lives
Also seem to recall this occurring as well multiple times in fact, and thats even with their insane level of codependency. You might think that might explain why Sam not only had no contact with John, but also broke off all contact with Dean while he was at school.

To me, their relationship is in neutral from season 1 to season 5.
Seriously, you can't see any changes in behavior or attitude from either character towards the other and how it shapes how they interact with each other?
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