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I guess maps are a good idea. But I wish Notch would spend more time adding more features to the elements that are already in the game (more abilities for wolves, cool stuff in the Nether, more uses for dyes, etc) rather than piling on more stuff.

Oh, for any of you guys in Roberts world. I could really use some wool for an upcoming project. So if you happen to have some extra, I could sure use it. (wtf are all the sheep hiding?) I'd be happy to trade cobble, iron, or maybe even a diamond or two for it.

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well made a nice little house stocked it with goodies and even found a lava lake and made some obsidian? anyway got me a couple of diamond picks and went for a walk. now i cant find my way back home
Oh lord, I've done that. Last time I ended up laying down a circle of torches on the ground and using the Cartography program that was mentioned earlier.
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