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Forbidden World (1982)

One of Roger Corman's various rip-offs of Alien, the film is actually pretty fun. While the acting was virtually non-existent, the special effects and set design more than made up for it.That and the shower scene between the two female leads. The make-up effects were done by John Carl Buechler of Friday the 13th part 7 fame and still hold up well. The few space ship effects however seemed to have been taken from Battle Beyond the Stars, another Corman classic that came out a few years earlier.
I picked this up on Blu-Ray a few weeks ago for dirt cheap. I'm glad you enjoyed it--I've thought about putting it in a few times, but haven't had the guts (or the proper quantity of alcohol). The trailer definitely made it look better than Corman's Star Crash, but, then again, his trailers were never exactly honest representations of the movies they were advertising.
I can't say that everybody will like the film, it's more of a so bad its good kind of thing. However if you've seen some of Corman's other films then you know what you're getting into.Some are good and others are crap. I appreciate the film for trying to be a scary alien on the loose type of story that doesn't quite succeed at all levels.
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