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Re: Favorite Comic Based Superhero TV Shows

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Christopher already mentioned STM. I add the suggestion to rewatch the pilot of "Lois & Clark" and see how much time he spends in that one doing Superman-y things.
Heck, he doesn't spend much time doing Superman stuff in the whole first season of Lois and Clark. The original idea was never to actually see Superman at all, and though that obviously didn't, err, fly, they tended to keep the superheroics pretty minimal. I recall at least one first-season episode where Superman only appeared in costume for less than a minute in the teaser and then it was all Clark for the rest of the episode (that might've been the one where he went home to Smallville and had his first encounter with kryptonite).

What I actually consider a weak spot in "Last Son of Krypton" is how we never actually learn how and why Clark Kent decides to help people, and why he dons a costume to do it.
I'm not sure I consider that a weakness. Maybe Superman is just intrinsically good. I have no problem with that interpretation. I think that generally people do have an instinct to help one another, and what demands an explanation is why someone wouldn't try to help. We're a social species by nature; cooperative action and mutual assistance are part of our survival strategy. And that crosses species lines -- humans rescuing stray animals, dolphins rescuing drowning humans. Heck, we're often more driven to be compassionate toward other species than to our own, because we don't feel the same competition toward members of other species. So to me it makes perfect sense that a Kryptonian would feel instinctively motivated to help and protect us fragile humans.

As for the costume, well, it just seems to be part of that world. None of the other DCAU characters really had their use of costumes explained. It was just something that crimefighters did.
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