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Maybe because he's sad that the actor who portrayed a beloved character is dead and watching that character will only drive home the realization that there will be no more new adventures with that character? Must personal expressions of grief be challenged?
I was curious as to know why, I was not challenging him, how you got that from a one word reply is rather impressive.

I have experienced loved ones dying, people I actually knew and interacted with on a regular basis, to discontinue doing things that would remind me of them is beyond my understanding, to do so for an actress I had no personal contact with, although sad in itself for her family and friends, is even further beyond my understanding.
Ah, I see now. Sorry, I completely misread your intent behind that post.
How you got any intent beyond a simple why was pretty impressive. The best way to find things out is to ask a question, I did, I should not be attacked for that by someone for a one word question.
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