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Re: Billie Piper: Babe of the week #17 (Apr. 2011)

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She's from Swindon, so a massive thumbs down.
And to think that you guys used to have an empire!
Yeah, but that just meant that we could send people from Swindon and other similar undesirables to Australia then.

(I'll make an exception for Billie Piper, but Swindon is pretty dire otherwise!)

It once did have the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe which was a true claim to fame.

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thankfully, i live in gloucestershire, otherwise i might be offended...
Well I'm from Wiltshire, technically the same county as Swindon and I am no way shape or form offended.

But then again, I'd rather live in Swindon then anywhere in Gloustershire.
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