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If Norton had just realized his services as actor didn't give him final cut on the film he probably would have been brought back. Frankly I find it refreshing that Marvel didn't give into the little prima donna's ego trip. If they didn't take it from Terrence Howard no reason they should have to take it off of Edward Norton.
The difference, however, is that Marvel did offer Norton a certain amount of creative control to get him on board TIH (which up to then, was widely assumed to be destined as a cheap direct-to-DVD sequel to the Ang Lee movie, with little-known stars on board). Norton is known for being demanding in terms of his influence on movies (American History X for one) but he also has a certain amount of experience as a director and for having creative input. We'll never know the full story, but it was a little rich of Marvel to lure him on board with promises of creative input, then to drop him for wanting to have, you know, creative input.

The difference also is that Norton was the star of TIH, while Howard was playing a supporting role. And finally, the difference also is that Howard was dropped over money, pure and simple. Norton certainly has never been a 'take the money and run' actor.
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