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Re: Star Ship Polaris

Massive new WIP image dump. Look out below!

There have been a lot of minor to major changes and adjustments since the last images were posted and I'm not going to go through them all, except to say that some of them are still being evaluated and decided upon by Dennis. I think both of us would be very interested to hear all of your thoughts and opinions on them.

Please note that the forward guns and missile racks have been temporarily removed for clarity while Dennis and I have been focusing on everything else. They will be put back eventually.

Here are two more views showing the "sails" fully deployed:

Be aware that some of these parts and pieces are still incomplete and rather pieced together, so any misalignments, smoothing problems and the like are probably just things I haven't gotten to yet.

Another fairly significant change we are considering is a reduction in the size of the "tail fins" on the trailing edges of the saucer. I've felt for a long time that they seem rather bulky and "ass heavy" when the sails are fully deployed. I've come up with an alternative "short fin" version that really improves the ship's sense of balance, IMHO. I'm especially interested to hear what everyone thinks of this:

Finally, I've been mulling over a possibility that's been raised briefly a couple of times over the course of this project, that Polaris may have the ability to land and take off from a planet's surface. Given its longitudinally stacked deck arrangement, it makes sense that it would do so on its tail. This also suggested the idea of another set of engines or take-off boosters with mixed-function scramjet capabilities, which you can see have been incorporated into the design in all of the above renderings. Here's a shot of what Polaris might look like to a crew member about to board her at the space port:

You'll note that I haven't yet gotten around to modeling the landing struts.

And last but not least, since a lot of these new design features were directly inspired by elements of 1950s automotive design, just for kicks and grins I thought I would give her an appropriate paint job:

This project is now on the fast track and I've told Dennis that I plan to finish it within three weeks. If I'm going to have any hope of doing this kind of thing for a living some day, I have to learn how to get them done in a timely manner. For those who have also been following my years-long USS Grandeur project, that one is about to get a major kick in the pants as well, so stay tuned!

P.S. Yes, I know my copyright date under my logo needs to be updated. Don't bother me.
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