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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

About 1/6 of the way through; already totally confirmed in my belief that Christopher was the perfect author to tackle this concept. (I mean, I know he's the one that pitched it, so it's not like any other author would've written it anyway, but if I'd seen the same title with a different author, I'd have been a lot less excited.) The quantum physics stuff is every bit as nifty as I was expecting.

Christopher writes Trek like hard sci-fi, which is a pretty mighty challenge considering how much ridiculous stuff there is, scientifically speaking, in Trek. But this one really works - take out all the references to Starfleet, and this is almost an original sci-fi concept. Certainly all the physics could've been used outside Star Trek no problem.

I haven't gotten far enough in for the plot to really get going, but I love the organization, the spirit of it, and the science.

More when I'm finished, but I'm already feeling like this is the best Trek book in a long while.
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