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I experienced my first lightning storm today, but didn't even see any lightning hit the ground, just flashes in the sky. It brings a great atmosphere and my observation level in my Mount Vulcan base is perfect for soaking it in while being in complete safety.

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I'm impatiently waiting for the "[1.4] Double/+50% View Distance mod SSP" to be updated. I'm not sure my PC can manage it (haven't tried it before), but I generally run 100+ fps with my current texture pack, so I think I can at least use the +50% view.
I'm really tempted to use it, but I decided not to use mods until they figure out a way for them not to break with each update.

Speaking of which, did anyone see the furore today when Notch revealed his plans for modding? Yikes.

Anyway, I've been working on this for the last few days:

It's an interpretation of the Colossus of Rhodes over the canal that leads into Bartlet Cove. It has the same dimensions as a Minecraft man (except the jaggedness) and I would have done it in the same colour as the default skin were it not for the fact that I would have had to generate new land and go out mining for lapis lazuli. Here he is in eihort (which doesn't display the fire on the torch).

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