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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

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And I love the show, but its primarily due to the relationship between the two leads. Its the strongest brother relationship I have ever watched on tv, and one of the things they almost always get right, even in crappy episodes.
Eh, as someone with several brothers I just can't agree with this. They milked the angst so much that it's complete overkill and like I said, I basically quit watching because I just couldn't deal with it anymore.

Well and then there is my 2nd major complaint. The main plot for seasons 4 and 5. I don't mind the plot as much as I didn't like Sam and Dean's role in that plot. If they were just a piece of the story, or a background characters instead of... what they were... then I think I would've liked it more.

I wish the show had stayed more episodic as in seasons 1 and 2 and not went in the plot directions it chose to go in latter seasons.
Now I can certainly understand not liking plot elements, and such or even general roles. But one can't use one's own relationships to judge how much angst the characters would experience. Since we can't mention specifics, its worse then any two beings who live on earth have experienced. Certainly one's own family couldn't even scrape a feather of off what these two have gone through (even before seasons 4 and 5 come up with), and I can understand that depressing a viewer (ie not wanting to watch it), but that doesn't mean that the characters shouldn't experience it.
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