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^I'm sure that'll happen at some point anyway, I mean it's the last game, no?
Apparently it's not just a new paint job but a total refurb inside and out, so it really may as well be a different ship regardless. Not that I'm complaining; just copy/pasting the old hub map would have been exceedingly cheap--even if the basic layout will be more or less the same anyway.
Damn that sound like I'm going to lose my big honking space gun.

That's a thought actually; what new additions do we all think the Normandy SR2.1 could do with and what could it stand to loose? Personally I vote for it having more than two private quarters. Seriously, did Tali, Jacob, Mordin, Joker, Kelly, Dr. Chakwas and Garrus all have to share a bunk rotation with the rest of the crew? That must have been...crowded. While conversely I think the room dedicated to ejecting cubes of rubbish should go. I mean what happened to omnigel recycling? Did fixing the locks put the omnigel people out of business or something?!
Are we sure that part of the ship actually exists outside of interacting with Zaeed becuase one of Shepard and Jacob's conversations totally ignored the fact that the other observation lounge had a bar in it.
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