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^I'm sure that'll happen at some point anyway, I mean it's the last game, no?
Apparently it's not just a new paint job but a total refurb inside and out, so it really may as well be a different ship regardless. Not that I'm complaining; just copy/pasting the old hub map would have been exceedingly cheap--even if the basic layout will be more or less the same anyway.

That's a thought actually; what new additions do we all think the Normandy SR2.1 could do with and what could it stand to loose? Personally I vote for it having more than two private quarters. Seriously, did Tali, Jacob, Mordin, Joker, Kelly, Dr. Chakwas and Garrus all have to share a bunk rotation with the rest of the crew? That must have been...crowded. While conversely I think the room dedicated to ejecting cubes of rubbish should go. I mean what happened to omnigel recycling? Did fixing the locks put the omnigel people out of business or something?!
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