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Re: TrekBBS Armada - The Foundry

I have a KDF character and like him; but honestly I never was able to get into the "TOS Movie-Era or TNG Era" Klingon mindset; so given all the 'hardcore' KDF players that are really into the 'modern' Trek franchise depiction of Klingons, while I do feel I could come up with a good plot and story; I don't know if I could write Klingon dialogue or maintain a Klingon character in the 'modern era' well enough to make enjoyable for the folks REALLY into Kliongons in STO - so that's what's stopped me from doing a Foundry mission for the KDDF side.

I have no issues relating to the Federation side or maintaing a Federation officer character to come across 'in character' front to back, so that why I stick with creating Federation stuff myself.
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