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Re: Star Trek: DTI: Watching The Clock Review Thread

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Sadly, it's been a long time since I watched the episode and the characters sort of faded into a gray blur. Maybe I even "flanderized" them somewhat; exaggerated their dull humourlessness, making them truly drone-like and ignoring all those personal cues you mention. I suppose that's the danger with minor characters - they stick in your head due to certain memorable traits and you reduce them to those traits, forget the complexities. I guess many fans like myself who haven't rewatched the episode for some time have an idea of Dulmur and Lucsly as two dull men in suits, little more. As you just demonstrated, that's evidently unfair, but I get the feeling its reasonably common. All I can say is, with those observations you listed informing the novel we're now reading, the characters (and the actors' performances they're based on) are presumably finally getting the recognition they deserve.
Well, no, they were "two dull men in suits," essentially; that was their role in the story. The details I'm talking about are subtle, the sort of thing you might not notice unless you're specifically poring over those 3 3/4 minutes of material in search of characterization cues. But the hints were there. I wasn't making up their personalities from scratch, but extrapolating from what the writers and actors gave me.
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