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One of the reasons that people are so vocal and upset is because of the internet, but the other reason is that Elisabeth Sladen was a class act. From what I have read, people are almost more focused on her decency and kindness than on her part on Doctor Who. And not only was she a class act, but she portrayed Sarah Jane that way.

Humans can be base and vile creatures, but when it comes to the passing of someone so willing to be the best humanity has to offer, we too show the best of humanity in our response.
AGREED! It not only hurts to know we will never see her again as such a good companion, but to know that one of the GOOD ONES...some of the best that humanity has to offer is no longer with us. We are left to inhabit this planet with all of its vile hate that humanity possess. How's about this?? For those of us that are suffering and hurting because Liz is no longer with us....why don't we all agree to honor her by making changes in our lives that make us better people?

By the way Maestro...I like your personal signature quote.
Every night Doctor... when it gets dark, and the stars come out....I'll look up....On her behalf....I'll look up at the sky, and think of you.
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