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VOY Avatar Contest - Learning Curve

Previously in the Star Trek: Voyager avatar contest...

Jetfire wrote: View Post
And the winners are...

Episode "Jetrel"

VOY Theme "Enemies At War!"
Admiral Shran

Random "Undeveloped SF&F"

The next contest is yours od0_ital & you also get to come up with the Random theme. I will go ahead and let Admiral Shran come up with the VOY Theme since we tied.

Congrats to the winners & thank you for all that participated & voted.
Admiral Shran wrote: View Post
Thanks for the votes.

Since Learning Curve is next, how about Maquis Characters, not including Chakotay and Torres.
This week's episode will be 'Learning Curve', where Tuvok is tasked with trainin' a group of Maquis in the ways of Starfleet after Janeway realizes that rebels are runnin' amok on her ship.

The theme, as picked by Admiral Shran, will be "Maquis Characters" that aren't Chakotay & B'Elanna Torres.

The random theme, as picked by me, will be "New Who," in honor of the sixth season kickin' off over the weekend. Let's see entries of the new era of Doctor Who/Torchwood/The Sarah Jane Adventures. 9th, 10th & 11th Doctors & their stuff only, please.

Entries have to conform to board rules - up to 140x140 in size & 140KB if animated.

Since this is such a late start, all entries should be posted by Friday night, Saturday mornin'...the deadline can be extended, if needed.

Good luck!

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