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Re: The Ultra Series (Ultraman)

Some of my earliest memories are of watching the original Ultraman at a school mates house when I was in either kindergarten or first grade. One of the monsters in the show is a re-use of the Godzilla suit with some added attachments......which Ultraman rips off in bloody fashion, just leaving the Godzilla suit.

I remember watching that ep as a kid and my friends and I all thought Utraman was fighting Godzilla. Even years later, there were still images that stuck with me, even though I wouldn't be able to tell you which ep they came from.

However we all remembered the Beta Capsule (easy enough to find a sub for in those "pre-merchandise the shit out of everything days".) and would cross hands making his ray.

But for whatever reason, Ultraman wasn't something that aired here outside of those early 70's broadcasts, as far as I know. So it was always this dim memory of something really cool. Thankfully, the internet made it easy to look into Ultraman and I was shocked to find that there were so many spin-off's!

Then the DVD's came out, I've only picked up volume 1, but it was amazing how so much of it came back in the moment upon viewing. The fucking awesome outfits the Science Patrol wore, those cool pre-next gen symbol communicators, the vtol jet with the flames, the opening credits.

I remember sitting there going "I REMEMBER THAT!! How did I forget that?" I'd love to see that movie you've got a pic of, I would've thought it'd been available here by now. I'm guessing the original Ultraman is fourth from the right?
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