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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
I actually keep a wolf in my old castle. He's probably lonely, sitting there, waiting for me to come home. I show up every now and then to pet him (and grab supplies, harvest my crops, etc.), but I haven't yet brought him to my new building area.
Right now, my wolf is sitting in a cave that my minecart track runs though. Every time that I travel to Bartlet Cove, she turns from left to right as I fly by, and every time I come back, she turns from right to left. It's cruel, yet funny.

Iasius wrote: View Post
Eihort really is quite useful.
It's a great tool alright, I've seen more of my world just messing around in it over the last day than I have playing the actual game. It sucks that the view distance in the game isn't anywhere near as good though. Maybe one day Notch will perform a miracle of coding and optimise it to allow for a 1km draw distance...

This is my primary landmass (I'm going to have to give my island a name some day) from 1km in the air. That snow showed up while I was playing a little while ago, which would be cool were it not so small and in any area I've barely ever been to.

I've started a new project now and I'm currently growing around 400 cactuses on a beach near Mount Vulcan for it. Now to find 500 sheep.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
Ouch! Just got hit by lightning, guys. It can happen to you!
Yikes. Does it kill you or just do damage? (I haven't even experienced lightning in my world yet.)
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