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Re: Favorite Comic Based Superhero TV Shows

^ The Cape wasn't based on a comic book. (Well, in the show it was, but not in reality.)

My favorites, again in no particular order:

Batman (60s)
The Incredible Hulk
Wonder Woman (but only the first season)
The Adventures of Superman
Flash Gordon (Filmation)
Batman: The Animated Series (in all its incarnations)
Justice League Unlimited
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Superman (Ruby-Spears version)
The Flash

Honorable mentions go to Super Friends and Shazam! (even though neither show holds up well, I loved them both beyond all reason when I was six), Lois & Clark (which gets a split vote because while I loved Teri Hatcher, I couldn't stand Dean Cain as Superman), and Smallville (which gets it right when it gets it right, but oh so very wrong when it gets it wrong).
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