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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

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For the first four seasons, the show really gets better with each year
Disagree. S1 is better than S3 and S2. S4 is the apex of the show S5 is a step down and S6 is a step down from that.
and the arc-based storytelling really starts to develop.
Even at its best, SN was never as heavily serialized as say LOST or S1 of Heroes or even a primetime drama. So if someone wants that type of arc storytelling they won't get it with SN. It is more a mix of episodic and a myth ep here and there.
Even in later seasons, when they did Monster of the Week episodes, they'd still find a way to develop something in a manner that works toward the overall arc.
I would hardly call peripherally tying in or giving brief lipservice to the bigger picture--while technically working toward advancing the overall arc--being arc based storytelling. S5 was especially bad at this. SN would definitely been better assessed by me had they been heavily serialized.
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