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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

So, cooler car - Dean's or Angel's?

Mr Light wrote: View Post
I live for the funny episodes. I much prefer it when they're being funny.
They do funny really well. They do drama really well too.

Dream wrote: View Post
Home was really the first great Supernatural episode I think. It was so creepy and I loved how it resolved the Mary Winchester plot. There was also the nice ending.
So is it ever explained why her spirit was still in the house?

Technobuilder wrote: View Post
One minute you're having your heartstrings pulled, and the next you're laughing out loud, sometimes in the span of mere moments.

To be fair for Supernatural though, it's more likely you're having your heartstrings pulled-out all over the floor and then you're guts burst open from laughing yourself to death while something wicked watches from the shadowy corner.
I take it the sense of dread and constantly-lurking evil ratchets up as the show goes along? That shift in mood is something I enjoy too.
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