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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

I myself have never been a fan of horror/gore but I've always loved stories where the mood could shift from somber to lighthearted and serious to whimsical at the drop of a hat.

Originally I thought Supernatural was a teenybopper-horror series so I didn't give it a chance until I came upon a mini-marathon of late season 3 episodes. So I guess it's still nice to be reminded that I can be wrong in my first impressions every once and a while.

Shows like Angel, Buffy, Doctor Who, Being Human, & Supernatural all fall into this particular mold.

One minute you're having your heartstrings pulled, and the next you're laughing out loud, sometimes in the span of mere moments.

To be fair for Supernatural though, it's more likely you're having your heartstrings pulled-out all over the floor and then you're guts burst open from laughing yourself to death while something wicked watches from the shadowy corner.

*Ambulance Chasing Lawyer just saved by the brothers from getting hit by a car angrily walks back into the street telling them he doesn't want them around.
*Lawyer immediately hit by a Mid-Town Bus, mid-tirade and crushed to pulp.
*Dean points out the mowed down personal-injury lawyer's billboard on the back of the very bus that just hit him.

Dean: *smiling* "What? Too Soon?"
Sam: "Yeah, 3 seconds is too soon."
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