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Re: So I've started watching Supernatural...

Supernatural is a great show. I don't know why people complain about the early seasons. The first season took a while to get going, but the series is about two guys driving around hunting monsters, of course there are suppose to be standalones.

Yeah, Bugs was terrible. The monster of the week was uninteresting, the insect attacks only made me chuckle, and the ending with how long night lasted made no sense at all.

There are usually one or two dud episodes each season. You'll get to the second dud of season one very soon.

Home was really the first great Supernatural episode I think. It was so creepy and I loved how it resolved the Mary Winchester plot. There was also the nice ending.

If you are interested reading amusing comments from other fans about the past episodes check out TWOP, Supernatural boards. You can waste hours just reading what people posted years ago.

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