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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Following the USS Mississippi's first mission, Executive Orders, in which the
crew investigated a murder on a marine base, President Nanietta Bacco has
ordered the creation of Bama Fleet, a Starfleet Major Command that will aid
Starfleet in its mission of military investigations, trials, and medicial

Borgata, a vacation paradise awaits as does a new style of Star Trek simming
that combines elements of the Good Wife, JAG, the Practice, Law & Order, Grey's
Anatomy, ER, etc. with the world of Star Trek.

As part of this fleet and crew, you'll have the chance to take command of the
Ole Miss one day as your predecessors are eventually promoted to various
positions within the fleet.

Welcome to the USS Mississippi; welcome to Bama Fleet.


"Attention Crew of the Mississippi, today we launch one of the most lethal
warships in Starfleet. However, we must not forget our mission: justice. We are
entrusted by the President to investigate the most grievous of crimes within the
Federation Military within our very own fleet that she has created for us.

"I expect and demand your very best. Anything less, and you should have joined
SCIS! This might be President Bacco's fleet, but this is my vessel for a bit
longer. I ask that you keep up with your XO and I. If not, that strange
sensation you feel in the seat of your pants will be one of our boots in your

"Command Master Chief, you are aware of the name of the fleet we are now part

"Very aware, sir," the enlisted man replied.

"It bears a proud name, doesn't it, Mr. Miller?"

"Very proud, sir!"

"It represents fine people?"

"Very fine people, sir!"

"Who live in a fine, outstanding state?"

"Outstanding, sir!"

"In the greatest republic in the universe?"

"In the entire universe, sir!"

"And what is that name, Command Master Chief?"

"Bama, sir!"

"And what do we say?"

"Go Bama!"

"ROLL TIDE," echoed the bridge.

"Officers and Chiefs, dismiss your crew and prepare for launch within the hour,"
ordered Bonaventure, "Department Chiefs, report when ready. That is all."

[O] CMDRE Bonaventure
Executive Officer, Bama Fleet
Director, SFCIS
Commanding Officer, USS Mississippi
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