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Re: Star Trek: Fighter Command

Dr. Jack Weber stood outside the octagon at the Academy's athletic center waiting for his patient. Out came Jake Janeway from the locker room looking poised and ready for his opponent. “What the hell are you thinking? A student picks a fight with you and you decide to agree?! Are you trying to get thrown out of Starfleet?” asked Weber.

Jake simply smiled and looked at Tuvok with the grin, “What? Do you think I have a shot?”

“I think the odds are significantly in your favor, but I do not understand the point of this exercise,” replied Tuvok, “I completely fail to understand the logic of this demonstration.” Chakotay nodded his head in agreement.

Chakotay stood up from his seat and looked over Janeway, “This does seem kind of frivolous Jake. You are making example of the student for what reason exactly?”

Janeway stood up after putting on his gloves and said “This student challenged me in my class and I am her superior officer. I've learned that challenging your superior officer without cause can be a whole lot of trouble. So this is a lesson one in both combat and etiquette.”

Weber looked over and just sighed, “You better know what you're doing Jake, because if not you're going to get your ass kicked. Either literally or figuratively, take your pick.” Jake walked into the octagon and activated his corner's force field.

Janeway stood inside the octagon waiting for his opponent to emerge from her locker room. She's going to definitely regret this. Olivia Mason came out of the locker room looking fresh and with a stony look on her face. This should definitely be interesting.

The referee walked into the ring as Olivia entered the octagon. Mason stood in a southpaw stance with her hands in the standard kickboxer's position. “You ready?” said the referee as he looked at Olivia. The referee turned and looked at Janeway, who nodded. The referee shouted, “Fight!” Mason charged at Janeway and threw a kick aimed for his head, which Janeway easily dodged. Trying a quick superman punch, Mason missed and bounced off the holographic fence. Janeway took advantage of it and took her down to the mat. Jumping back up, she fired several combinations, until Janeway took her down again. He sprang back up and threw quick kick to her head after she staggered to her feet. She blocked the kick and quickly countered with an overhand right. Parrying the blow, Janeway quickly shot for a takedown. She sprawled to avoid the takedown, but Janeway quickly stood up and fired a jab at her which connected at her temple, rocking her. Seeing how exhausted she was, Janeway came up and slammed her into the holographic fence. She threw several wild shots at Janeway, and Janeway parried all of them, grabbing her arm and locking in an standing arm lock.

After several seconds, she shouted "Okay, enough!" Jake let go and she fell to the ground, cradling her right arm. "What the hell was that?" she asked with an angry look on her face.

“What are you referring to?” replied Janeway with a smile. Masons stood up and glared at him. Janeway just laughed.

"Debrief is in an hour, after you get your arm checked out by Dr. Weber there," Janeway said as he walked out of the octagon, "Debrief for all of you is one hour." The students looked at each other worriedly as Janeway and his corner men left without a word.
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