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Re: Star Trek: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic Review Thread

Fun's my aim in things like this... You thought it was fun, my job here is done!

Sure the scene transitions are quick and brutal, cos I'm trying to capture a TV-cutting feel to it. (yes, they're different media, but that makes it a fun challenge for me. Next time I'd do something different, cos I know you'd all be expecting this style now!)

I'm glad you liked Kat as well, she was fun to do. I know what you mean about Vol - basically he's there because there things I wanted to do with the species that didn't make it into Reservoir Ferengi. So now I've done it, and I've no plans to pitch anything bringing him back, though I'd be happy for anybody else to do so. Kat on the other hand, I'd love to do more with. (she is, after all, meant to be Kang's granddaughter)

As for the relationship bit... Well, we knew she's in his future from All Good Things, so...
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