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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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havoc92, have you inquired about rights to publish this as some sort of tech manual? If not, then you should definitely consider publishing this in some sort of format, this is too good a project and you’ve worked too hard not to see some kind of official recognition, not to mention monetary results! I bet this would sell big time and put all those other pseudo-tech manuals to shame (like the Haynes book )? I for one would definitely buy the final product in whatever form it takes.
Haven't as yet. There have been so many ideas and I just still feel like until it's actually done, it's all premature. That said, I'm very much considering a manual of sorts to correct the errors in the McMasters plans, and maybe update that with color refs. I'd thought honestly about getting the Haynes book and everything I heard is that it falls far short of expectations; so, maybe something meeting expectations is in order.. finally.
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