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Re: Favorite Comic Based Superhero TV Shows

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Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon would fit here, I do believe. I loved those as a kid, too.
Don't know if they qualify as superheroes, though, since they got no superpowers, no secret identities and no costumes. I mean, Captain Future had at least a nickname.
Depends on your definition of a superhero, I guess.
Well, "Buck" and "Flash" were both nicknames, for what it's worth. "Buck" was really Anthony Rogers, and while Flash was never given an official first name in the comics, the 2007 TV series called him Steven (after Steve Holland, who played him on TV in the '50s) while the 1996 animated series called him Alex (after his creator Alex Raymond).

Would you consider Adam Strange a superhero? He's a character in the same vein as Buck, Flash, and John Carter -- he doesn't have a secret identity or a costume in the sense you mean, and his "powers" are technological. But he's generally regarded as a superhero because he's a comic-book character who's often interacted with other DC heroes.
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