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Call me a cold bastard or something similar, but I wasn't that moved by it, but then again, I didn't cry last year when my step father died, and only cried a few times since my grandfather died!
OK, you're a cold bastard....or something similar

Not a huge deal though. Some people just don't get as emotional as others. But you might consider some therapy, just as a precaution.
I don't see why someone needs therapy because they don't cry. I can sympathise with Dimesdan, the day after my dad died I bawled my eyes out, but since that day I've cried precisly once, grief is an odd thing, and it manifests itself in many ways. As a freind of mine whose a mental health nurse say, people deal with things differently, and there is no right way. My sister keeps having bad days, but she doesn't dream about him, which I do, so each of us is dealing with the loss in different ways. I wonder how many people in therapy are there because other people have made them think they aren't dealing with something the 'right' way?

Time to quote Kerr Avon I think. "I have never understood why it should be neccesary to become emotional to prove that you care, or why it should be neccesary to prove it at all."
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