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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

^From what I've read, Dan Harmon is frustrated by the fact that people keep focusing on the "ships" and has basically said he's willing to fuck with them for the hell of it. I think if people are hoping for a nice, linear romance on this show, they're likely to be disappointed.

The episode itself was just brilliant on so many levels. Loved the subversion of the flashback meme as basically an excuse to toss out a billion little quick-hit gags, but what really made it work is that they had obviously sown some of the seeds very early on which paid off here (for instance, there was a quick beat in the bottle episode where Britta made some dig about Jeff's new shorts, to which Abed reacted very suspiciously) and the bits that they obviously filmed during much earlier episodes like xmas and Halloween.

Specific bits that stood out for me were the beat with Britta and Annie when Britta just grabbed Annie's chapstick and tossed it on the ground - so simple and so quick, yet so rooted in the characters; the Habitat scene; the argument montage; the Jeff speech montage; diorama Chang looking forlornly through the window; the glimpse of what was really happening during the xmas episode; and the dig at shipper vids.

This one is up there with the paintball and chicken finger episodes in the pantheon of the truly awesome. I hope they can keep this momentum up through the end.
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