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Re: New Comic Caption Contest! "Random Stuff"

*loads gun*
Here we go...

SicOne wrote:


Riker:Oh, so I shaved the beard off; shut the hell up!
Perhaps the Janeway that Peter David envisioned when writing Before Dishonor:
Mysterion wrote:

Janeway: "You people just can't handle the sheer awsomeness that is Kathy Janeway! I'm an F-18 deploying my ordnance! Check it, Annika Hansen (her real name!)! I love violently and hate violently! There is NO middle! I have tiger blood! You all just pale in comparison!


Deranged Nasat wrote:

McCoy: "*Groan*...can someone tell me why our speech bubbles are now starkly rectangular? That's just giving me headaches...those hard edges and foreboding lines...and that point! It could have someone's eye out!"

Scotty: "Spock said a more rigid and precise dialogue was a logical improvement. If you want, we can go set off a stink bomb in his personal science lab".
KingDaniel wrote:

Geordi: Oh god, not again!
Yes, I gave myself the last win. 'Coz I was the only one who tried.

You are all the final round of...

And now...


/caption contest dies.
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