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Re: Should Babylon 5 be remastered?

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When the show premiered, nobody said "wow, that's bad CGI!" They said "WOW! You can do that with computers!?!? That looks GREAT!"

When I watch a TV show I put my head into the time it was made. B5 is an archeological gem of early TV CGI, and I love every minute of it, no matter how much better CGI has gotten over the intervening years. I'll expect current-quality CGI in any NEW B5 productions that may happen, but I'm perfectly happy with the originals as they are.
This. More and more people these days don't have the brainpower or the patience to appreciate older shows and movies because "da speshul effeckts r LAME!11."

Then again these are usually the same idiots who are blown away by shit like Sanctuary so I don't even know what the fuck anymore.
I see this argument lots and its universally wrong. TV is a visual medium and should therefore be visually interesting. New material is continuously being produced and naturally it looks better than the old stuff, and the older is regarded as being as dated and irrelevant as it looks. If the visuals weren't important a lot less money would be spent on them, and more would listen to the radio.

Having an appreciation of vintage productions doesn't make you superior to those 'idiots', who would rather invest their limited time in something better presented, it won't won't bring you greater health, wealth or more sex either , probably the opposite.

If you really believe that choosing bleeding edge HD special effects over the 1990s limited tv budget effort is the mark of an idiot, then I would suggest you need to take a step back and see where the real idiots are sat.
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