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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

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Oh you're gonna fit in nicely. Welcome, welcome.

Love the Wheel of Time series, btw.
Saw your post on the first page of this thread before posting so I figured I can admit that, too.
I had to go back and see my post, because I didn't recall making any such admission. And lo and behold, I did indeed. (Egad! Nearly 6 years old?? What the hell am I still doing here?!)

It was a fun little trip down memory lane though. I particularly like my next post where I mention that I'd rather have a Sumo wrestler sit on my face and fart repeatedly before I'd watch "These are the Voyages" again.

Ah, how I love my snarky self.

Anyway, back to you. Glad to have you. Welcome to the asylum where we serve a new dish of crazy everyday.
(We are an equal opportunity ENT fanservice)
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